Yield factor tax consulting

As extensive as the tax legislation may be, as comprehensive is the support provided by Klaiber GmbH. Be it classic tax consulting with all kinds of declarations, balance sheets, bookkeeping, and payroll accounting in both the corporate and private sectors. Additionally, we are experts in specific fields such as operational follow-up regulation under inheritance-legal aspects and fiscal criminal procedures. Our competencies also include double taxation agreements with other countries as well as legal structuring of corporate acquisitions and disposals. We find optimal tax solutions - comprehensive and up-to-date -, especially for company mergers and acquisition.

Our clients range from small businesses to international corporations. Thus, the scope of the existing know-how, the professional level of consulting, and the international orientation of Klaiber GmbH are extraordinary in the region. Klaiber GmbH has extensive tax consultancy expertise and experience of 20 years, making our clients perfectly prepared for every challenge and ready for the future.